DALI Mug (red)


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This is no ordinary standard-size coffee mug. This is the hefty 450 ml DALI Mug that wants to take you places. It is a mug that demands attention; whether you're using it for coffee, tea, hot coco with marshmallows or simply just as housing for your office pencils. 

The DALI Mug is made out of pure porcelain, and it comes with an elegant form factor. It features an internal volume of 450 ml and is available in two high-gloss colour choices: space black and the official DALI red.


"I felt powerful from the moment, I held it in my hands!" - A. Udio Phile 

"It is like...it improves the sound of my DALI speakers." - Dal I. Fan

"I swear that I feel younger, every time I drink from it." - D. Epicon



Material: Porcelain
Volume: 450 ml
Height: 10 cm
Diameter: 9,8 cm

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