Acoustic Panel - Piotr Tomaszewski (Florence)


Are you suffering from bad acoustics? Fear not. We have the solution.  

The DALI Acoustic Panel improves your room acoustics by absorbing the unwanted reflections bouncing off your walls, floor and ceiling. It even comes in a handy A1 size and is easy to hang.

The acoustic panel is covered with a thin fabric on which the print design has been transferred. This ensures that the photo print maintain contrast, colours and sharpness. All of our acoustic panels are made of a 100% recycled material - free of mineral wool - and is considered allergy friendly.


Piotr Tomaszewski was born in Poland and has played the guitar from the age 10. Throughout the years he has continued to develop his guitar skills and has won several awards. He's often seen playing around the piazza's of Florence. Piotr is part of our portrait series of street musicians. Read more >>


The acoustic panel features an easy-to-hang system. Just mount the two wall brackets horizontally on a line with approx. 18 cm in between them, and you are ready to hang your acoustic panel.


Height: 84.0 cm
Width: 59.5 cm
Depth: 3.5 cm
Weight: 2.0 kg
Shipping method: DHL Economy (w/tracking)
Shipping cost: €33 (Europe)

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