DALI Microfibre Cloth (2 pcs)


In this package you receive two premium DALI microfibre cloths branded with the DALI logo.

The tightly woven microfibre cloths are made of a mix of polyester and polyamid, and due to the high density, the cloths are soft to the touch and has some weight to them.

Actually these cloths are made for the lacquer of our high-end DALI EPICON loudspeakers. But now you can own a pair as well...just without the speakers. 

Recommended use: These cloths are perfect for polishing the delicate surface of your high-gloss speakers, or making your (sun)glasses see-through again or you could be in dire need of a fancy handkerchief for your blazer pocket. You decide.

Amount: 2 pcs
Size: 30 x 29,5 cm
Material: Polyester (80%) and Polyamid (20%)



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