Oak Record Crate - Brown


The brand new rugged DALI Oak Record Crate is crafted from 21 mm quality White Oak and features joined corners for strength and finesse. The solid construction keeps your valuables safe, while the stained brown finish keeps it retro-classy. 

The handles are made out of heavy premium natural leather, which secures a firm grip, when moving the crate, and all edges have been sanded for a smooth finish.

The oak crate is particularly suited for displaying your finest vinyl records, while the included room divider (also solid oak) transforms the crate into a CD rack, when tilted on the side. Or you can use it for magazines, books, and whatnot.

The crate really oozes of true craftmanship, and we have put a lot of attention to every detail:

  • Crafted from 21 mm solid White Oak
  • Joined corners for strength
  • Natural leather handles
  • Sanded edges for a smooth finish
  • Includes a oak divider for multiple purposes
  • Height adjusted, making browsing easy
  • Stained fashionably brown



Material: Solid oak, natural leather
Weight: 8.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 222 x 371 x 371 mm
Finish: Stained Brown
Oak thickness: 21 mm

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