Oak Wedge - Small (2 pcs)


The solid DALI Oak Wedge is crafted from quality White Oak and features a top plate of premium natural leather.

The Oak Wedge can be used in setups, where you are sitting close to your speakers (e.g. at a desk), or if your speaker position is lower than your listening position. In both cases you want to elevate the front of your speakers, so that the drivers are pointing toward your ear level.

The dimensions of the small wedge makes it an obvious match for speaker models such as the SPEKTOR 1, ZENSOR PICO, and ZENSOR PICO VOKAL.

This is true craftmanship, and we have put a lot of attention to the details:

  • Crafted from solid White Oak
  • Natural leather base plate
  • Sanded edges for a smooth finish
  • Height adjusted 
  • Featuring metallic DALI logo on one side
  • Sold in pairs



Material: Solid oak, natural leather
Weight: 0.6 kg (a pair)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 27 x 138 x 177 mm
Finish: Natural

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